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Since 1930

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At Lynden Meat, we provide farm-to-table butchering services to local residents of Whatcom County, Washington.  We understand that your family deserves the highest quality meats but it is becoming more and more difficult to find quality, free-range meat at the grocery store without paying exorbitant prices.  

Fortunately, many local farmers are willing to sell whole sides of beef, pork and lamb to you and me, but most of them don’t offer butchering services.

That’s where Lynden Meat comes in!  We’ll work directly with your farmer and make all arrangements to fully process your meat, getting the most meat possible from your animal, without breaking the bank.  Read on to learn more about our process.

100% Local

Our Process

After purchasing your portion of an animal from the farmer, we will arrange the slaughter date with them.

Once your animal has been slaughtered, you can expect a phone call from us within a couple of days of the slaughter date for cutting instructions.

Depending on the weight and fat content of the animal, it will hang in our cooler for 7-14 days. Hanging time longer than 14 days is not an option due to storage space and the volume of business.

Once your animal has been processed, we will call you and let you know it is ready for pickup. Pickup of your product is requested to be completed in no more than 2-3 business days. Unless special arrangements are made you will be subject to a daily storage fee. Remember, we are a butcher shop, not a storage facility!

For smoked and cured products (jerky, corned beef, hams, hocks, bacons, etc.) you can expect a phone call from us about 3 weeks after your fresh product is ready. We ask that you pickup the fresh product as soon as possible and make another visit to pick up your smoked product when it is complete.

Service At Its Finest

Most of our customers know us on a personal level. We’re a family owned and operated company that has been actively supporting the Lynden community for many decades!

We’d love to welcome you to our family.  We’ll happily answer any questions you have about bulk meat purchases and processing.  It’s a fantastic way to save money while eating great!

You’ll also find that it’s a fun way to draw closer to your fellow meat enthusiasts by “going in” on a slab together, co-op style!


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Purchased a Whole or Half of a Lamb? Click HERE to Fill Out Our Cut Sheet and Place an Order!


Local Farms and Meats

We work with a variety of local famers in Whatcom County.  If this is your first time purchasing an animal, we’ll be happy to share recommendations where you can purchase high quality meats from our favorite local farms!

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Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

Why eat anything less than high quality, organic foods and meats?  Your body deserves the best!

With food costs soaring, quality meat is becoming less and less atainable at reasonable prices. By purchasing directly from your farmer you not only support local families and businesses, but you are providing your family with the highest quality available – a cut above the rest!

And that’s something we stand behind…

What Do All These Weights Mean?!

Hanging Weight

Hanging weight is the final weight measurement of the carcass before we begin to cut and wrap it.

The weight difference from live to hanging is from the loss of blood, head, hide, hooves, viscera, lungs and heart. Expect hanging weight to be around 60% of the live weight. So, a 1200lb animal would have a hanging weight of around 720 pounds.

Hanging weight is what our per pound charge is based on.

Final or "Take Home" Weight

The final or “Take Home” weight is the amount of meat a customer can expect to take home.  We do not weigh the final, packaged product, but as a customer, you can expect to take home between 58-65% of the hanging weight.

A carcass that has a hanging weight of 720 pounds will be around 435 pounds “take home” weight.

The percentage of meat you bring home depends on a variety of things. Your cutting instructions (all hamburger, bone in products, boneless products) the amount of time it was hung, and the fat content of the animal are all contributing factors to shrinkage.

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